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Joann Thompson grew up in a family of artists and eventually began painting wall murals for residential and retail space as well as custom pieces of furniture for a variety of clients. Eventually she became an illustrator for Weekly Reader which was followed by her discovery of hand-painted ceramic pieces where she specializes in platters, wedding charger plates and one of a kind Christmas ornaments. In 2007 Joann was commissioned by the Food Network to paint a series of country French tiles for the backsplash of a kitchen renovation program called All-Star Kitchen Makeover with celebrity chef Paula Deen.

Cochon Platter

Looking for the ideal one-of-a-kind gift?

Joann's work is sold at Maggie's of Madison, WAVE Gallery in New Haven, and Seaside in Stony Creek; but she also takes custom orders.

Choose a custom 13" ceramic charger plate in the colors and motif of your choice. For a wedding or anniversary, include the names of the bridal couple and their wedding date. A message on the reverse side from the gift giver is an added special feature.

Your charger will be dishwasher and food safe. $100 for the charger, $10 postage/handling (please allow 3 weeks for delivery)

To find out more, contact Joann.